Interested in our vanishing wetlands? The St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation (SBWF) will celebrate its 20th anniversary at Docville Farm, 5124 E. St. Bernard Hwy. in Violet, LA on Wednesday, April 23rd, at 7PM. A brief business meeting of the board of directors will commence at 6:30 PM prior to the public gathering.

Officers and the board of directors will be introduced and a brief history of the organization will be presented.

The Foundation held its first annual meeting in January, 1994. The major focus of the landowner/sportsman-based, 501 c 3 nonprofit organization is habitat preservation, restoration and sharing of concerns regarding the well-being of our vanishing wetlands.

The upcoming event will be an informal gathering to provide opportunities to share thoughts and questions on contemporary topics in small groups each with a current officer or board member. Guests are to feel free to mingle amongst the interesting topic and discussion groups. These group discussions are for information exchange only, with no political agendas.

Light refreshments and soft drinks/water will be served. New members who wish to join us in our efforts to help restore and preserve our valuable wetlands resources are welcome. Members who paid at the last meeting are encouraged to renew their memberships. Annual dues are $12 per family. Door prizes will be given from a random draw of members present at the meeting.

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The St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation (SBWF) recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Officially incorporated in 1993 as a 501 c 3 nonprofit, the foundation has been one of the pioneer environmental groups focused on the preservation and restoration of St Bernard Parish wetlands. The first official meeting to develop/approve bylaws and elect officers was held January 24, 1994.

The charter members (directors) were:

  • William Weber, Board Chairman
  • William Gilmore, Vice Chairman
  • Rebecca Livaudais, Secretary
  • Kenneth Campo, Treasurer
  • John Gallo, Director
  • Gatien Livaudais, Director
  • Merrill Perez, Director

Additionally, there were 41 active (paid members) in 1994

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